Does the masonry work in your home or business need to be repaired or restored? Our craftsmen are experienced in repairing stone cracks, water damage, insulation, and more. While stone structures are designed to last for years, nature, pollution, and even human error can cause small aesthetic erosions. Contact Austin Mason Man first to assess the damage to your existing stone work.

Mason Man provides repair of masonry structures. Our repair procedures in most cases allow for the structure to be completely utilized throughout the repair process.

Water damage, cracks and structural damage are a few common problems that require repair. Water damage can occur to retaining walls. An example would be large amounts of water causing to much pressure behind an improperly engineered wall. Another water damage example is washed out walkways, patios and driveways. These damages must be analized carefully and designed to prevent reoccuring damage.

Cracks may occur in mortar joints not always caused by poor workmanship but by the settling of a structure. Cracks of this kind need to be repaired by actually cutting out the damaged mortar and reinstalling new mortar. If the crack is repaired by rubbing a little mortar on the outside of the crack, it will come back in a matter of time. Probably after a good rain.

Although masonry is the strongest structural material, very old or improper installation may lead to structural damage. If you recognize any structural damage, please call a professional. Structural damage can be very dangerous and must be taken care of promptly. If you wait someone could get hurt or it may cause further damage to your structure.

Mason Man is available to help take the stress out of your masonry project needs. Our experienced masons will help you with your project, always respecting your existing structure.